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Although {s} may have a location in {city}, you will most likely find the best deals for Saatva mattress online.

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A {luxurious|lavish|premium} mattress that {not only provides|provides not just|offers not only} {comfort but also support|the best comfort, but also provides support|relaxation but also supports} and {is long-lasting|durability|lasts for a long time}. It’s {not often that you|rare to|not often you} {come across a bed|find a mattress|encounter a bed} {that has layers of|with layers of|with} coils {running back to back|that run back and forth|that are running from back to front}.

Traditional innerspring mattresses {have|offer} {a distinct|an ethereal|distinct, distinctive} {feel that many find comforting|feeling that people find comfortable|sensation that many people find relaxing}{, in addition to| and also| as well as} their {dependable|sturdy|durable} construction.

{When compared to thinner|In comparison to the thinner|If you compare them to lighter} {memory foam mattresses|mattress made of memory foam|memories foam mattress}, {innerspring|these} {beds can keep you comfy|mattresses can be comfortable|mattresses will keep you comfortable} for {years while also withstanding|a long time, while also enduring|many years, and also stand up to} the{ natural|| normal} wear and tear{ that comes|} from activities {such as tossing|like tossing|such as throwing}{, turning, bouncing,| around, turning, bouncing| and turning, bouncing} and {so on|the list goes on|other activities}.

{The|Saatva mattress|Its} Saatva mattress {is|can be described as|comes with} a {luxury|luxurious|premium} innerspring mattress {that gives|that offers|which offers} all {of the benefits that|the advantages that|the benefits} you {are familiar with|know|already know} and {love about classic|appreciate about traditional|enjoy from traditional} innerspring mattresses{, but with a modern| however, with a modern| and a contemporary} {twist to make it even|twist that makes it|design to make it} more {pleasant than those|comfortable than|enjoyable than the} {traditional mattresses|traditional mattresses|classic mattresses}.

Saatva is a {premium|reputable|high-end} {company that makes use of|firm that uses|company that utilizes} {quality materials, yet it|high-quality materials, and yet|top quality materials, but it} {does not charge you|doesn’t cost you|does not cost} an {arm and a leg for|arm and a leg to purchase|price that isn’t worth it for} their products.

{Because of this,|This is why|That’s why} I {prefer|like|would like} to {think of the brand as|consider the brand to be|consider the brand as} {reasonable|affordable|an affordable} {luxury|quality|premium}.

{It seems to me|I believe|It appears to me} {that the|it’s true that the|this} Saatva mattress {is|will be|can be considered} worth {it|the price|the money} {to a lot of|for a large number of|to many} people {because it combines|due to the fact that it blends|since it offers} {luxury with long-term durability|quality with durability over time|the best of luxury, durability} and comfort{ all|} in one{ package| box|}. In the {following section|next section|following part} {of our|in our|of the} Saatva mattress {review, you’ll|evaluation,|reviews,} {find out|discover|learn} {if you’re one of|whether you’re among|whether you’re one of} {those people|the people who|those}.

What We Love

  • Innersprings with two layers for support
  • A feel that is neutral and responsive
  • Perfect for people who weigh more and need more support
  • Different levels of firmness

Not Recommended For

  • Petite sleepers
  • Those who prefer softer mattresses

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First Thoughts

{When you first lay eyes|When you first look|If you first gaze} {on|at} {the|it for the first time on|Saatva mattress, the moment you first see} Saatva mattress{, it|} {immediately|instantly} {strikes you as a substantial|appears to be a large|seems like a massive} {bed|mattress}. {This is true|It’s true|This is} {despite the fact that|even though|regardless of the fact that} {you are unaware of|you don’t know|you’re not aware of} the {specifics of its|particulars of its|specifics of the mattress’s} {construction|structure|design}. The 11.5-inch {variant|version|model} is {the only one I’ve used|the only model I’ve tried|my only experience with it}{, but| however} Saatva also {has|offers} {a|an|the} 14.5-inch {option that seems|variant that appears|option , which seems} {like it would provide even|to offer|like it could provide} {better support and durability overall|more support and overall durability|better support and greater durability}.

{Because|Since} Saatva {is not a bed-in-a-box|isn’t a bed-in-a-box|is not a bed-in a-box} brand, {it is not|it will not be|it’s not} {shipped|delivered} {to you in a cardboard|by a box. It is not delivered in an empty cardboard|directly to your home in a wooden} {box throughout|box during|container during} the {delivery process|process of delivery|shipping process}. Instead, it {will be|is} delivered to your {home|residence|house} by two {trained specialists,|experts who are|experienced specialists} {already made up|already assembled|fully assembled} and ready{ for you|} to {use|enjoy|take advantage of}. {Since this is a somewhat|Because it is a|As it’s a} {hefty mattress, having this|heavy mattress, this|large mattress, having it} {eliminates the effort of manually|removes the hassle of manually|makes it easier to avoid the laborious task of} {putting it together and|making it up and|placing it together and then} {moving|shifting} it around.

When I {first laid down|laid down|first laid my head} on the mattress{, the only way| and laid down, the only way| the only way that} I {was able to|could} {tell that there were innersprings|discern that there were innersprings|detect that there were springs} {in it was because of|in the mattress was|within it was} {how bouncy and responsive it|the way it bounced and|how responsive and bouncy it} felt. Saatva {done an excellent|did a great|has done a fantastic} job {of ensuring|in ensuring|of making sure} that you {won’t actually|don’t|wouldn’t} {feel the steel coils|be able to feel steel wires|notice the coils of steel} {poking|protruding} through the {bed by|mattress by|bed , by} {adding foam and a nice|providing foam and a lovely|creating foam and a pleasant}{, airy pillow top| soft, airy top layer| cushion top that is airy} {to the mattress|on the bed|for the mattress}. {Instead, it has|It has instead|Instead, it offers} the {texture of the ideal|perfect|feel of the ideal} {balance between springy and fluffy|combination of soft and springy|equilibrium between soft and springy} {while still being able to|and still able to|but still able} {relieve|alleviate|ease} {pressure|the pressure}.


What To Expect From Your New Saatva Mattress

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Saatva provides customers shopping on their website with three distinct firmness options, allowing them to choose a mattress that is appropriate for their preferred sleeping position.

  • Plush Soft: {This comes in somewhere around|It’s about|This is about} {a 5 out of 10|five out of 10|5/10}{, in terms of| in terms of| with regards to} its {plush softness|softness and plushness|soft and luxurious feel} (with 10{ being the|, being considered the| being} {firmest|most firm}{, or medium| or middle| or medium} on the {firmness scale|scale of firmness}). This {provides the greatest amount|offers the most amount|is the highest level} of pressure {alleviation while|relief|relief,} {while preserving a reasonable equilibrium|maintaining a moderate balance|keeping a balanced balance} of support.
  • Luxury Firm: {Approximately a|About a|Around} {7 out of 10|7/10} on the {firmness scale,|scale of firmness,|firmness scale} {or a medium-firm, this|which is a middle-firm level,|or a medium-firm,} is moving {into the region|into the realm|towards the area} of being {firm|more firm|very firm}. The Luxury Firm {variant|version|variation} of the Saatva {bed is an excellent|mattress is a great|mattress is a fantastic} {option to consider|alternative to think about|alternative} {if you emphasize support|for those who value support,|when you want to emphasize support} {but yet want some|however you still want|but still need some} {pressure alleviation around|relief from pressure around|ease of pressure on} your {shoulders and hips|hips and shoulders}.
  • Firm: {This is approximately|It’s about} {a 9 or 10|9 or 10|9 or 10 points} {out of 10 for those|from 10 for people|percent for individuals} who {prefer|like|favor} {a firm bed or who|an extra firm mattress or|the firmer mattress or} {sleep|prefer sleeping|rest} on their {stomachs or backs|backs or stomachs} with {more|greater|heavier} weight. {This|The} Saatva mattress is {one of|among} the {options on the market|choices available|available options} {that provides the greatest|that offers the highest|which offers the best} {level of support|degree of support,|quality of support} and is {the firmest|also the most firm|the most comfortable}. {It seems excessive|It’s a bit over the top|This mattress seems a bit oversized} to me, {but|however|however,} I’m {certain that certain types|sure that certain kinds|sure certain kinds} {of sleepers will find|people who sleep will discover|that sleepers find} this {bed model|model|mattress} {to be very appealing|to be extremely appealing|attractive}.



{Because you have a choice|Since you can choose|As you have the option of choosing} {between two different heights|of two heights|among two sizes}{,|} the {construction|structure|design} of the unit {will be|is|could be} slightly different {based on|depending on|according to} the model {that you select|you choose|you select}.

The {components will be constructed|bed will be built|parts will be made} {using the identical components|with the same components|using the same materials}{, however| but| however,} {the thickness of the|how thick the|their thickness and} {innerspring system|innerspring|innersprings} {will be modified somewhat|is altered|will be altered}. {However, the|But, the|The} {bed will be extremely long-lasting|bed will last for a long time|mattress will be extremely durable} regardless of {which option|the option|which one} you {choose|select|pick}.

{The|Its} Saatva mattress, {in contrast|as opposed} to {nearly all of the|the majority of} {other mattresses|mattress options|others} (99 {percent|per cent}) that I’ve {seen available|seen|found} {online, comes with|on the internet, has|online, is equipped with} back-to-back coils {to provide|that provide|for} {the utmost|the best|maximum} support.

{Take a peek at|Check out|Have a look at} this model {with|that has|sporting} an 11.5-inch screen:

  • The initial layer of the Saatva mattress is made up of tempered steel coils, and the edges of those coils are reinforced with dense foam to aid increase the mattress’s edge support.
  • Next is another coil-based system, but this time each coil is individually wrapped to aid increase motion isolation. This is possible since each coil functions independently from the others in the system.
  • A layer of memory foam with a “high density,” which will relieve pressure, increase comfort, and help to neutralize the feel of the steel coils that are below it.
  • A thick, three-inch pillow top that is manufactured with fluffy fibers and comfortable foams sits on top of the bed. Along with being encased in a cover made of organic cotton, this provides an additional layer of warmth on top of the memory foam.



The Saatva mattress{ is something that|} {brings to mind the mattresses|recalls the beds|reminds us of the mattresses} {found in high-end hotels|that are found in luxury hotels|used in luxurious hotels,} or {a typical|an|an ordinary} innerspring {bed that has been|mattress that is|mattress} {outfitted with a few|equipped with|fitted with some} {modern and cozy|contemporary and comfortable|trendy and inviting} {additions|features|accessories}. {It is similar to|It’s like|It’s similar to} having a {robust and supportive|sturdy and stable|strong and sturdy} box spring {combined with|and|paired with} {a foam mattress|foam mattresses|foam mattresses all} in {one|a single,|a} {convenient|practical|handy} package. {Because it responds quickly|Since it is quick to respond|Because it reacts rapidly} {to pressure and is|in response to stress and|when pressure is applied and it’s}{ quite|} {easy to move around in|comfortable to move around in|easily to move around}{, you won’t experience| it, you will not experience| and out of, you won’t feel} the {sensation of being stuck|feeling of being trapped|feeling of being stuck} {that is common with|which is typical of|like} memory foam.

{Even though this bed contains|Although this bed is made of|While this bed has} two layers of {robust|sturdy|strong} steel coils, {you can|you will|they} {barely feel them at all|barely feel them|not feel them in any way}{, which means that| and that means| so} {they won’t be an annoyance|they shouldn’t cause any annoyance|they’ll not be a bother} {to you when you’re trying|to you while trying|for you as you try} to {get some shut-eye|sleep|relax}. Instead{,|} they {provide the bed with|give the bed|offer the bed with} {a pleasant bounce and|the perfect bounce, and provide|some pleasant bounce as well as} an {additional feeling|extra feeling|additional sense} of support.


Motion Isolation

{During my water glass test|In my water glass test|In my water glass testing}{, I should| I would like to| I must} {mention|note|be aware} {that|I should mention that|it was because} the Saatva mattress {had|provided|offered} {better|more|greater} {motion isolation than|in terms of motion isolation than what|movement isolation than} I{ had|} {anticipated|imagined|thought}.

{Additionally, the bed|In addition, the mattress|Furthermore, the bed} {did not cause my|didn’t cause the|was not a cause for my}{ water|} glass to {topple over while|tip over when|fall over as} I was {performing the test|testing it|conducting the test}.

{Having said that|However|But}{, the motion isolation| the motion isolation| the motion-isolation} of the mattress {is not|isn’t} {on par with that of|as good as|comparable to} Casper or Nectar {due to|because of} the presence of{ those|| the} two {layers of innersprings inside|innerspring layers inside|innersprings in the}.

{Even though|Despite|Although} {the memory foam layer|there is a memory foam layer|it is made of memory foam}{,| is present,} the {various|different|numerous} foams and fibers {in|that make up|on} the {pillow top,|top of the pillow,|top layer of the pillow} {and the fact that|as well as the fact|in addition to the fact} {the bed|it|the mattress} {does not have|isn’t equipped with|doesn’t have the} traditional innersprings{ help the bed|, help| can help} {isolate movement better|to block movement more effectively|in absorbing movement better} than {a traditional innerspring mattress|traditional innerspring mattresses|an innerspring mattress that is traditionally used}{, you may| however, you will| but you might} {still feel some movement|be able to feel some movement even|experience some motion} {if you sleep next to|when you sleep with|in the event that you are sleeping next to} {someone who is an active|one who is a regular|those who are a frequent} {tosser and turner|tosser or turner|turning and tossing}.


Edge Support

Saatva {provides extraordinary|offers exceptional|gives exceptional} edge support {for a variety|due to a number|for a range} of{ different|} reasons. {First, the bed’s dual-coil|The bed’s dual coil|First, its dual-coil} {construction makes it particularly|design makes it extremely|structure makes it incredibly} {supportive for the sleeper|comfortable for sleepers|accommodating for sleepers}.

Two{, the company| The company| companies,} Saatva {built the mattress with|created the mattress with|constructed the mattress using} foam borders {all the way|that wrap} around the{ perimeter of|} the {bottom coil layer|coil’s bottom layer|bottom layer of coils} to {aid improve|improve|enhance} the mattress’s {ability|capacity} to {support itself around the|hold itself up around its|stand up on its own} edges.

Saatva will {ensure|make sure} that you {do not have|don’t have|don’t experience} the {sensation that you are|feeling that you’re|fear that you’re} {going to roll|likely to fall|likely to slide} {off the edge of your mattress|over the side of your bed|across the mattress}{,|} even if {you are|you’re|you’re being} {pushed to the side|pulled to the side|pushing to the edge} {of your mattress by|or the edge of your bed by|on your mattress due to} {an active|a frenzied} co-sleeper.

{Because of this,|This is why|Due to this,} {getting in and out of|the process of getting into and out of|getting out and in to} {bed is also made|the bed can be|bed is also} {a little bit easier because|slightly easier since|somewhat easier due to} the sides {aren’t flexible|don’t have any flexibility|aren’t able to bend}.



{Because the coils allow for|Since coils permit|Since the coils facilitate} {enhanced|increased|greater} {airflow, hybrid mattresses|circulation of air, mattresses that are hybrid|flow of air through the mattress, hybrids} {like|such as|such} Saatva (beds {that employ both|made of|which use both} {foam and coils|coils and foam}) {tend to be|are generally|typically are} more {breathable than mattresses made|comfortable than mattresses constructed|breathable than mattresses that are made} {entirely|solely} of foam.

The Saatva isn’t {specifically designed|designed|made} to {be a cooling mattress|function as a cool mattress|be a mattress that cools}{, and| so| but} {sleeping on it won’t|sleeping on it will not|the fact that you sleep on it won’t} {make you feel chilly|cause you to feel cold|make you feel cold}{, but it should| however it will| However, it’s designed to} {keep your body at|maintain} {a consistent temperature while you’re|the same temperature throughout your time|an even temperature when you’re} {on it|sleeping|in it}.

I {believe that it performs|think it does|am convinced that it does} {a decent job of|an adequate job of|well in} not storing{ your|} body heat {while you|when you|during your} {sleep, and other factors|sleep. Other factors|rest, but other aspects}{, such as| like} the temperature {of the room|of the space|in the room} {in which you sleep|where you sleep,|that you are sleeping in} or the pajamas {you wear|you are wearing|that you wear}{, will play a more| are likely to have a| can have a} {significant effect|important role|significant role} in {determining how hot you sleep|the degree to which you are hot while sleeping|determining the temperature you’ll be in}.


Who is Saatva Best For?

Sleepers {receive the highest possible|get the best|can expect the highest} {level of support and durability|quality of support and durability|degree of support and longevity} from beds {that contain|with|that have} back-to-back coils.

I {believe that quite a|think that quite a|am convinced that quite} {few people will appreciate|number of people will be able to appreciate|many people will love} the Saatva{, but| however,| however} {there will always be|it will be|you will find} {those|people} who {believe that the|think that|believe that} coils are {a superfluous feature|an unnecessary feature|unnecessary} {that is not required|that are not needed|which isn’t needed}.


There are three{ different|} {levels of hardness available|degrees of hardness|levels of hardness that are available} {on|in|for} {the|Saatva mattress.} Saatva mattress, {ranging|which range} {from medium to|between medium and|in the middle to the} firm (on our {firmness scale|scale of firmness}). {Because of this,|This is why|Due to this,} {the mattresses are typically|the mattresses tend to be|they are generally} more {supportive and firm|comfortable and sturdy}{, making each of| which makes each of| and make} the {beds an excellent option|mattresses a great choice|beds a good choice} for {those who prefer to sleep|those who like to sleep|people who prefer sleeping} on their {stomachs or backs|backs or stomachs|stomachs or on their backs}.

If you {sleep on your|prefer sleeping on your|are a person who sleeps on their} side and {need additional|require additional|need} pressure relief, {the|then the} {Luxury|luxury|Luxe} Plush {model is the|mattress is|version is} {one to go|best option to opt|mattress to go} for. {However, if|If|But if} {you weigh less than 150 pounds and|your weight is less than 150 pounds, and you|the weight of your body is under 150 pounds but you} {sleep|you sleep|are} on your {side|back}{, you may want| it is a good idea| then you might want} to {look into|consider|think about} {a different|an alternative|the possibility of a different} mattress.

{Check out our recommendation|Take a look at our recommendations|We have a recommendation} {for the best|for the top|to find the ideal} mattress for {side sleepers|those who sleep on their sides|people who sleep on their side}{, or think about| or consider} {going with a plusher|choosing a more luxurious|opting for a firmer} {option|alternative}. {Smaller people tend to prefer|People with smaller bodies tend to choose|The smaller people prefer} {beds|mattresses} {that are on the firmer|that are more firm.|which are on the firmer} side{, therefore|, so|. Therefore,} the Saatva {bed types are not|mattress types aren’t|mattresses aren’t} {going to be comfortable|suitable|likely to be comfortable} for {those|people} {who sleep|sleeping|that sleep} on their {sides|backs|side} and {are on the smaller side|tend to be on the smaller side|are on the smaller side}.

Body Type

If you weigh {more than|over} 150 pounds{,| If you weigh more than 150 pounds,| and weigh more than 150 pounds,} the Saatva mattress {provides a sufficient|offers a good|can provide a decent} amount of support{ and is extremely| and is|, and is extremely} {durable|robust|sturdy}. {Within this price range|In this price range|At this price}{, the majority of people| most people| it is the most popular choice for those} {who sleep on mattresses|that sleep on mattress|sleeping on mattresses} {can|could|are able to} {choose one from|pick a mattress from|select a} Saatva {that they like|they love|they enjoy}{, with the exception of| and are not the only ones.| however, there are some exceptions for} those {who are seeking for|looking for|who want} {a really soft|the most comfortable|an extremely soft} mattress.

{If you weigh less than|In the event that you are less than|For those who weigh under} {150 pounds|150lbs} and are {looking for|in search of|seeking} {a bed, I would|an alternative to a mattress, I would|the right bed, I’d} {suggest|recommend} {looking elsewhere for your monetary|seeking out a different|choosing a different} investment. {You truly do not require|It is not necessary to have|There is no need for} the {dual-coil layers|dual coil layers|dual coils} {that this bed provides|the bed offers|that this mattress offers}{, despite the fact that| even though| despite the fact that} {those layers are one of|these layers are among|the layers are one of} {its primary|the main|its main} selling {points|features|benefits}.


Saatva Pricing

Size Measurements (inches) Price
Twin 38×75 inches $887
Twin XL 38×80 inches $1,148
Full 54×74 inches $1,595
Queen 60×80 inches $1,695
King 76×80 inches $2,095
Cal king 72×84 inches $2,296

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{For a premium mattress like|If you want a top mattress, such as|For a mattress of the highest quality, like} the Saatva {bed, I assumed|mattress, I thought|mattress, I figured} {a queen size would run|that a queen-sized mattress would cost|the queen size would cost} {around $2,000 or a little|about $2,000 or|approximately $2,000 or} less.

{However, regardless of the|But, regardless of the|Whatever} {size|size of the} Saatva mattress you {get|purchase|choose}{, a queen size| the queen size| one size, it} {is going to retail for|will cost} {around|about|approximately} $1,595.

The company also {runs|has|offers} promotions {here and there|from time to time|in the form of promotions} {that drop the cost down|which lower the price|which reduce the cost}.

{So, that’s|That’s|This is} why I {refer to|describe} Saatva {as|in the sense of|to be} “affordable luxury.” {You get a top-quality product|Saatva is a high-end product|You can get top-quality products} {for a fairly reasonable price|at a reasonable cost|at a fair price}.


Warranty and Sleep Trial

{When you place an order|If you make an order|When you make an offer} for {a|the|Saatva mattresses, you will receive a number of benefits.} Saatva mattress, {you are|you’re} {assured of receiving a few|guaranteed to receive a number of|certain to get a few} {benefits that are|advantages that are|benefits} {designed to encourage|created to inspire|designed to motivate} you {and help you|to|and make you} {feel more at ease|feel more comfortable|be more comfortable} {with the idea of purchasing|when you think of buying|in the process of purchasing} {a mattress over the internet|online a mattress|an online mattress}.

The {first perk is complimentary|initial benefit is a free|very first benefit is free} “white-glove” delivery, which {indicates that the company|means that the business|signifies that the company} will {bring|deliver|transport} the mattress {to your house|to your home|directly to your residence} and {set it up|then set it up|place it in the room} {for you there|to your specifications at the location you choose|for you at your home}. {You will be provided with|The mattress will be delivered to you with a|You will receive a} {a 180-night trial period|an initial trial period of 180 nights|the opportunity to try it for 180 nights,} {during which you will have|in which you’ll have|where you’ll get} the {opportunity to evaluate|chance to test|opportunity to review} {your mattress and determine|the mattress and decide|your mattress and see} whether {or not you enjoy|you like|or not you’re comfortable} sleeping on {it|it}.

If {you don’t|you do not|not}{, there will be| then, there is| choose to return the bed, there will be} {a cost of $99 associated|an additional cost of $99 that comes|the cost of $99 to go along} with {the return of|returning} the {item|product}. {On the other hand|However|In contrast}{, in the event that| should| in the event} you {choose|decide} {to keep|to retain|not to return} the Saatva {bed, you will|mattress, you will|bed, you’ll} {be given a 15-year warranty|receive a 15-year warranty|be provided with a 15-year guarantee} {coverage to support it|protection to help you|insurance to protect it}.



The Saatva mattress {provides a feel|has a feeling|offers a sensation} {that is unlike that of|which is different from|distinct from} any other {bed because|mattress because|mattress since} it is {robust, dependable|durable, reliable|sturdy, durable}{, and comfy all| and comfortable all| and comfortable} {at the same time|simultaneously|at once}.

{The majority of|Most} hybrid mattresses {only come with|have only|are made up of} one innerspring{ system, but|, however| system. However,} the Saatva mattress’s {dual-coil layer provides|dual coil layer offers|dual-coil layers provide} {twice as much|more|double the} {support and durability than|support and durability as|durability and support as} {other hybrid mattresses’|the other mattresses’|others hybrid mattress’s} {single-coil|single coil|one-coil} {layers|layers}.

I {believe that the person|think that the one|am of the opinion that the person} who {is going to find|will find|will experience} the most {comfort in this|satisfaction from this|comfortable} {bed will be|mattress will be|mattress is} {the one who is|the one|those who are} {looking for a conventional|seeking a traditional|looking for a classic} {bouncy and responsive mattress sensation|comfortable and bouncy mattress|cushiony and comfortable mattress} {combined with the inclusion of|and also|as well as} {cozy|comfortable|soft} foam.

Saatva is {an excellent|a great|an ideal} {option to consider if you|alternative to think about if you|option to look into if} {have the means to purchase|are able to afford|have the money to buy} {a mattress that costs $1,500|a mattress for $1,500|an expensive mattress, which is $1500}{; however,| but| However,} {this is not the case|it’s not the case|it’s not the norm} {if you are looking for|when you’re looking for|in the event that you want} something {that has a plusher|with a more luxurious|that is more comfortable} {feel to it|feeling|feel}. {s} {city}

You Will Like Saatva If:

  • You sleep on your back, stomach or a combination.
  • You’re a side sleeper over 150 pounds.
  • You want an extra supportive mattress.
  • You have an average to heavy body type.
  • You want your mattress delivered and set up in your home.

You May Not Like Saatva If:

  • You’re looking a cheaper mattress.
  • You’re a side sleeper who prefers an extra soft feel.
  • You weigh less than 150 lbs.
  • You want free returns ($99 fee).
  • You like the feel of foam.

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Saatva FAQs

Does the Saatva mattress sag?

{The|Saatva HD} Saatva HD is a hybrid {that has been created|designed|which was designed} to {suit|be a perfect fit for|accommodate} {those who are heavy|people who weigh a lot|those who are overweight}. It {has a hard|has a firm|is a hefty} {feel to it and|feel and has|touch and offers} {additional support, so|an additional level of support, which means|extra support, so} {it is quite unlikely that|it’s highly unlikely|it’s unlikely} it {would droop|will droop|will lose its shape}.

Is Saatva a luxury brand?

Saatva is a {company|firm} {that specializes in selling high-end|which specializes in selling premium|that is specialized in selling high-end} mattresses {to consumers directly|directly to customers|directly to consumers}. {The company was established|It was founded} in {2010, and it|2010and|the year 2010 and} {currently operates under|is currently operating under|has} three {brand names|brands|different brand names}: Saatva, Loom & Leaf{,|} and Zenhaven. The company {produces a variety|makes a range|manufactures a variety} of {mattress models|mattresses} under {each of these|these|each of the} three brands{, including| which include| that include} {the all-foam|an all foam|those made of all-foam} Loom & Leaf, the latex Zenhaven{, the airbed sold| and the airbed that is sold| as well as the airbed} under the {brand|Solaire brand} {name|Solaire, the airbed sold under the brand name|Solaire} Solaire{, and| and| as well as} {the|Saatva, a|an} hybrid Saatva.

Is Saatva mattress made in China?

No. Every Saatva mattress model is made in the USA.

What is the most popular Saatva mattress?

{The|Saatva Classic|It’s the} Saatva Classic is a hybrid innerspring mattress {that is created|made|constructed} {from foams that are friendly|with foams that are kinder|out of foams that are kind} to the {environment and|earth and|natural environment as well as} {a support system that is|an underlying support system|the support system is} {composed of durable|made of sturdy|comprised of strong} {dual|double|twin} steel coils. It’s {the most popular mattress|the most well-known mattress|one of the most sought-after mattresses} {that the company makes|made by the company|that the company produces}{, and it’s meant| and is designed| and is intended} to {provide ideal support for|offer optimal support for|provide optimal support to} the spine{ while also minimizing|, while also helping to reduce| and reduce} {pain in the back|discomfort in the back|back pain} and joints.

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